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A relatively recent establishment as compared to some of the older pottery houses in the world, 'fireandmud' is an expression of my love towards a form of craftsmanship which is native to my country and its people. 

Having grown up in a family which loves to travel to the deepest and remotest corner of India, as a child I would often find myself in a quaint and sleepy village wherein a potter's wheel apeared to be central to the rhythm of life. Watching the wheel turn round after round with a potter sitting at its helm and churning out pots and vessels in quick succession  was a mesmerizing experience and one that is fresh in my mind even today.

It was with the intention of emulating my earliest memories and sharing my love for pottery that I decided to organize a studio which would not just celebrate pottery but also create awareness about the subject amongst all age groups. Thus was born 'fireandmud', a studio dedicated exclusively to pottery wherein anyone interested in creating something out of clay could join. 

Although we are just a few years old, our workshops and programs  have earned us an enviable repute to the extent that today we are not just limited within the confines of our premises. In addition to teaching techniques and basic guidelines pertaining to pottery in the studio, we take classes in schools wherein youngsters are introduced to this ancient form of craftsmanship. 

For me, pottery goes beyond the act of creating an object by molding clay - it is a connection with my roots and traditions that is several centuries old. This is the feeling that I try to inculcate through my curriculum and hope that whoever is connected with our studio  feels equally inspired. 

Following are some of the courses that we offer at our studio - 

  • Basic course in pottery
  • Weekly classes for children
  • Weekly classes for adults
  • Family leaning sessions
  • Workshops
  • Advanced course in pottery
  • Team building session

Over the years, something that I have realized is that breakage is an inevitable part of pottery and this inspired me to conduct classes based on repair and restoration of created works. To me, a good artisan is not one who creates an exemplary object the first time but one who is also cognizant of ways to maintain it as time goes by. 

If you are interested in participating in my venture, following is my email id at which you can drop me a mail at -

Your inquiries, feedback and comments would be most appreciated.